Event posters I've created.

Below are some event posters and invitations.

Directional lobby poster, part of the retreat package that included special passes, handouts, power point and a booklet based on this design.
rejected design... for some reason lawyers don't like fucia?!
This was my favorite of  a series proposed 40th Anniversary event posters.They chose another design direction for the event and it is featured below.

We hired Mott Jordan to create the art for Fenwick's 40th Anniversary event. He incorporated a objects particular to the life of Fenwick in a Thiebaud cake-style.

Every year Fenwick hosts an off-site retreat for the attorneys, in 2012, they held the event kick-off party at the Monterey Bay Aquarium next to an exhibit of Puffins... and who doesn't like Puffins?

There were also other directional posters and a schedule booklet for meetings and entertainment.

Fenwick 2010 Attorney Retreat poster. Event was hosted at Lake Tahoe, which apparently is inundated with squirrels.

Other pieces include welcome packets and a schedule of events and meetings booklet.
Healthcare IT presentation poster.

Invitation to a dear friend's 50th birthday party.

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